Nohru Pass Trek: 05 Days, Bir

The Nohru Pass is one of the reclusive secrets of the Kangra region. This trail in the Bhangal region connects the Uhl valley with the Lumba Dugh valley used annually by the shepherds to move their flock. The trek begins from the Luhardi village. Luhardi is about 5 km from the beautiful village of Barot. After crossing the Lama Dug Nallah, it is around 4-5 km reach the first village in the Kothi Swar valley. The next village on the trail is Cherna. The trail then moves through the meadows of Badhdhar. During early summer and spring, the landscape is covered with colorful rhododendrons. From here there is an abrupt and steep descent to the Nohru Jot, as is the case in many of the passes in the region. The Nohru Pass is at an altitude of 3200 m. The Kothi Kohar village on the other side of the pass is a good camping spot. The trek can be extended for a more fulfilling experience from here to Bir via Billing and Rajgundha. The Nohru Pass can be crossed in one or two days depending on the schedule of the team. The weather here is quite unpredictable and the pass can be snow bound even into the summer although the Pass is at a relatively lesser altitude. The Bhangal region is notorious for the Bhaang (cannabis) crop, which was at a time, extensively grown in the region. The Bhangal region is relatively underdeveloped with only three of the seven panchayats well-connected by road. The villages in the region like Chherna, Bhujling and Swarh still retain the mystic aura of the unknown.

Day 1 Bir (1601 Mtrs) to Billing 2401 mtrs Distance 9 kms

Day 2 Billing to Rajgundha(2539) mtrs Distance 10.5 Kms Will cross Chinna Pass at 2730 mtrs

Day 3 Rajgundha to Kothikhod (2377) mtrs Distance 9 Kms

Day 4 Kothikhod to Baghnar(2515) Mtrs Distance 11 Kms Will cross Nohru pass at 3255 mtrs

Day 5 Baghnar to Lohardi (2046) Mtrs Distance 4 Kms Drive back to Bir.