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Col Rana briefing team about handling oxygen at Makalu

Col Rana briefing team about handling oxygen at Makalu


1. Is trekking safe in Himalayas?

Trekking/climbing is the safest adventure activities compared to any other adventure activity you can do in adventure world and on the top of that you are accompanied with our most experienced guides trained with WFR and C.P.R

2. Trek Grading on Himalayas. We grade a trek on these factors

Factors Easy Moderate Demanding
3000-4000 m 4000-5000 m 5000-6000 m
Temperature Usually lowest 6-7
Degree Celsius and depends on season
Usually lowest 6-7 Degree Celsius and depends on season Usually lowest 0-2
Degree Celsius and depends on season and region
Hours of walking in a day 3-5 hours 4-7 hours 6-10 hours
Number of days 5-7 days 6-10 days 10-15 days
Trail Present May be missing in bits and pieces Crossing glacier, rivers, moraine,
Terrain /slopes Gentle-Gradual less than 45 degree Gentle-Gradual- steep Steep slopes may be above 50 degree
Remoteness Few hours/day away from settlement Can be day or two away from settlement Can be two days far from civilization
Physical challenge No mountaineering skills needed No mountaineering skills needed Required mountaineering skills

4. What kind of food will be served on a trek?

All meals are served in buffet style balanced diet, delicious meals on treks and easy to cook on expedition trips. Most adventure people have a motto eat hard, work hard and party harder.

5. Do I have to establish campsite on reaching the camp site and wrap up the tents when moving to next campsite?

Usually our team chooses and establishes camp but you are most welcome to help our team in setting up tents and collecting fire wood for evening campfire etc.

6. Do I have to drink water from rivers/springs?

Yes, we use water from rivers/spring, which is boiled first and then treated with tincture of iodine/chlorine

7. What are the toilets like?

It depends on the terrain we are in. we have different methods for different terrain for least impact. Our guides will teach you how to deal responsibly in each different type of situation, following Leave No Trace principles.

8. I have never done any trekking in my life - can I join a trip?

Yes, all our guided trips are open for first-timers. You can join in for an easy & moderate trekking trails or a climbing expedition trip, as long as you are zealous about it.

9. Cancellations

If it becomes necessary to cancel your tour, you must notify Ascent Descent Adventures immediately in writing. Once we receive your notice, cancellation will take effect. Please note that the following charges will apply on cancellation:

CANCELLATION :: If you are forced to cancel your booking in total by all members or in part by some members, we must be notified in writing by you with a signed booking letter. Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive the advice in writing.

Days prior to trip Fee per person
90 Initial deposit
60 50% of trip price
30 100% of trip price


10. I am a vegetarian and allergic to nuts do you serve vegetarian food?

Yes, we do ask for the food preference/food allergies and shop according to that.

11. Do I need a special gear for a trek?

     If you have these items listed below you can do a moderate trek.

  • Rucksack 70 lit and a day pack.
    Good Sleeping bag below minus 10.
    Hiking boots with ankle top protection
    A pair of thermals
    Trekking pants 2 pair
    T-shirts. 2 pair
    Socks 3 pairs
    Fleece jacket
    Sun hat
    Water bottle 1 liter
    Personal medications and a smile for your camera.

12. Do I need experience/fitness for trekking?

Most of our treks and climbing expeditions are structured so that beginners and seasoned hikers alike will be challenged. Trekking does not require very high levels of fitness. If you can walk for 4-5 miles on weekend you are fit enough to do an easy or moderate trek. Nearly anybody over 7 years of age can do most of treks we offer. Though, heart patients, pregnant female or any other serious ailments should consult their doctor. For demanding treks and climbing expeditions Of course, you need to be extra fit for altitude and unpredictable bad weather.

13. Will I be able to take a shower while on the trip?

You may get opportunities to bathe in the mountain rivers/springs/waterfalls/ lakes if our guide has no issues with safety. Though, you can always have a sponge bath if you really need to (baby wipes help). Anyhow, after a week you're going to smell bad, as everyone on the trek. It is really part of an adventure experience. And having first shower after a week will be the best shower ever in your life